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Blur the House

Dec 2020

A place where boundary draws and is eradicated by the water course. 

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BLUR THE HOUSE is designed for the park
rangers working in the National Park Iguazu
in Northern Argentina. The House is situated
by the riverside facing the waterfall, at an
important spot for observation. It is primarily
a residence but also a working station and
connection node for the park rangers.

Due to its location and tropical climate, the
house follows the environmental design
principles. It is in a north-south orientation to
maximize solar energy to power its services.
The ceiling height of 4.8m, the bamboo
shingles and the cornered windows allow
a dynamic air circulation. The roof extends
forward to provide shade from the climate.

Screen is implemented to defend the house
from the jungle insects. The building materials
and waste treating system are eco-friendly to
minimize the negative environmental effects.

The drastic precipitation year round has
shaped an indefinite shoreline. The House
enjoys the splendid view to this changeable
waterscape but meanwhile is 1.5m above the
ground to be safe from emergent flooding.

To accommodate the group of park
rangers on site, the design is modular for
easy transportation by trucks and future
duplication to create a work-live community in
the park.

site plan.JPG
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