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First Place Mixed-Use Multi-Family Division at the 2021 Solar Decathlon Design Challenge:
Laundry Haus

Apr 2021


The form of the building is highly reflective of the environmental function it is serving. The design is grounded in livability, sustainability, and diversity of interactions. By creating interstitial moments, such as the atrium and sunken playground a gradient between public and private space is created. These spaces further the function of the building by creating passive ventilation and heat buffers. Fitting perfectly into Vancouver’s culture, the building promotes an active lifestyle by providing green space for walkways. External circulations serve as a functional space that do not need to be heated, creating interaction with not only the building, but also the streets and community.

DC_ MM_UBC_PORTFOLIO_2021-03-30_compressed_Page_12_edited.jpg

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Editor's Choice:

Reconstituted Play

#reimaginingplay #UNI 

Dec 2020


At the core of this project is the idea of creating an adaptable play landscape. The modular design fits into varying spatial arrangements allowing for a rich variety of programs to take shape.


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Competition Finalist:

All in the Radius

#ISO[NATION] #mooo3

May 2020


We believe that a great work-life home extends beyond its borders. A great-work life home is
supported by its community and its environment.    

#m3003_iso drawing_All in the Radius_ISO

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Competition Submission:


#5thannualpublicartanddesign competitionforpowellstreetfestival

FEB 2020


We see Kumihimo as a celebration of connections and the passing of time. Through the process of weaving,
Kumihimo Pavilion creates a place for
festival goers to gather and connect.

powell street festival_collage.jpg

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A Stranger Enters


 5-11 Jul 2019


The 2019 Interior Architecture and Furniture Design graudation exhibition of  The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague features the theme 'A STRANGER ENTERS'.      


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Urban Pop-up & Parade:





 Apr 2019


Inspired by the Vorkurs and Bauhaus parties, the group project of interior architecture class was in collaboration with Museum Boijmans Van Beurningen in Rotterdam for their last exhibition before the close-down for renovation.        


Urban Installation:

Hidden City: A Mobile Cemara Obscura

#koekamp #scheveningen

22&23 Mar 2018


Hidden City was brought into public at  in The Hague. Pedestrians were invited into a space of camera obscura and draw based on this different way of looking at the city.    

IMG_20180223_113717 website.jpg


Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite


30 Nov-1 Dec 2017


The abstract reinterpretation of the fairy tale for Tchaikovsky’s classic Nutcracker Suite in the arrangement by Duke Ellington.

Recycling Plastic:


#thebritishschool #bsn

16 Nov 2017


Making use of the original tension in PET bottles to further explore the recycling qualities of the material.

Exhibition Curation:

Balance by Struggle #gemeentemuseumdenhaag

23 Sept 2017


A new outlook on the conflicts and mentality of De Stijl from new perspectives, retrospecting them through various artists of today and 20th century. 

Photograph by: Katarina Juričić

Online Platform:

The Hague Flow


24 Aug 2017


The online platform of the exhibition--‘The(n) Hague and now, I spy with my little eye’ at Panorama Mesdag showcases work from Urban Morphology.

Recycling Plastic:


#thebritishschool #bsn

16 Jul 2017


Project #Plastic@Water​ redesigned and reconstructed at The British School at Leidschenveen in the Netherlands.




11-24 Jan 2017


Spatial intervention designed for the walls on site exhibited at Bijlmerbajes--a building under transition from prison to refugee centre. 


Vermeculite Clay

Sept-Dec 2016


Research on the material and new texture of wall. 



12-18 Apr 2016


Photography documentation of "a week in Helsinki, Finland". 

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