A Cloud of Clay

the space in-between the wall




Sept 2016 - Jan 2017

"Nothing in the Netherlands is as permanent as temporary."


        This spatial intervention takes place at Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam,  a space in transition from a previously notorious  prison to become a refugee center. 
        The design takes a closer look at the identity of "walls" as division and transition. Its quality to become space and change according to diverse materials. My choice of material corresponds to my understanding of "transition"--connecting the past to the present. By mixing the gardening material--vermiculite with natural material--clay to create new but similarly rough texture compared to the existing building.

         The organic material of clay breaks down the straight walls and creates connections between different cells to bring back community and social life for the building itself and also the refugee residents in a strange country. The Bijlmerbajes provides an occasion for the new residents to create new bonding, which in return grants the building with a new identity.


“墙”所扮演的不同角色--分割和过渡。 我所选择的材料融合了我对“过渡”的理解:连接着过去与现在。 将园艺材料 - 蛭石与天然材料 - 粘土相混合,创造出与现有建筑相比崭新但相似的粗糙纹理。
        粘土的有机形状打破了墙壁一贯的严谨,将原本相连但不相通的空间真正连接起来,为建筑本身添上活力以及为来到一个陌生国家的难民居民们带来群体和群体生活。 Bijlmerbajes作为新居民创造了新的纽带的地方,这一新功能也为建筑物本身创造了新的公众形象。