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Feb - Jul 2017

The Hague

We paid 522 wasted plastic bottles to the Earth for drinking water.  

         By building with the discarded plastic water bottles, the structure reflects on the influence of consumerism on clean drinking water. 

        The building material is the plastic bottles we collected from the neighborhood in The Hague. In the total amount of 522 bottles, we built up this pavilion of 2.4mx2.4mx2.2m(height) of 12 panels. All the plastic are transformed into unique sheets in different transparency and connected to produce a panel. We hope to deliver our statement to the public--we are contributing to water pollution while struggling to access clean water in bottles.

        This project is still on-going. 

        Keep updated.

Team members: Hanbyeol Choi, Mabel Kraus, Marieke Neijmeijer

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