Radius Scaling


Jun 2017

We scale the space to our working behaviors within the radius of cylinder.


        Located at the Marine Area, Amsterdam, along the harbor, the Commander's House enjoys a decent location. This is a plan to redesign the co-working environment within the Commander House and reconnect the house to its resourceful surroundings.

        The resembling bamboo-raft-and-scaffolding structure can mold any possible shape, establishing a scaffolding inside and outside any objects. This makes the structure connects the design in the house to basically everything around.  A stop in front of the house above the water. A leisure area around a tree at the green. The plan tends to transform the Marine Area into a new landscape with the 15 cm(d) cylinders. 

        All the surface in the design are made out of numerous touching points from the cylinder surface. There won' t be a spot where you find it comfortable for good. People will have to find another point-surface after sitting on one point for too long and bottom hurting.  It is a co-working space meant for exploration and searching for your own privacy within the scaffolding.