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APR 2021

A laneway dwelling that is built on coffee chat and exchange of services. 


The project adopts that of the laneway being a place where people deal with their waste, a place hwere they improvise urban farming, and also a place where street parking is not so straightforward and sometimes frustrating. Starting off from my observation of the site as flexible and mischievous. I designed six houses, each accommodating a single program. The houses are built around staris at the back and are wrapped by aluminium panel cladding system. The windows are mainly open to the north-west side where the parking space is and also where the space slopes down to allow more open views and light. Skylight occasionally punctuates the houses on top that also gives more natural light to the interior spaces. 

Houses 1 is the most open space with two sides of folding garage doors that allow car with different services to drive in and turn the space into a temporary retail store. 

Taking the stairs up, House 2 is designed to be an event space facilitating the needs of the community. With a theatre seating, the space could host meetings, concerts and workshops. 

Taking just a few more steps, up, House 3 and house 4 are slightly avove the event space, connected by a small wooden deck. House 3 is a personal workspace and House 4 is the washroom area. 

Another stair takes up from the wooden deck and goes up to the open deck above. The open deck is featured with sliding openings to access the view on top. 

You can further walk up the ladder from the open deck to the retreat space on top and eventually enjoy a space totally exclusive to yourself.

At night, when people occupy the space, the design could actually lighten up the laneway that might further promote more night activities in the neighborhood and night time use of the laneway. 

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