Drown in Goods


04   /   2016

An exhibition design within a space of 15x15x6m to display three types of "commercial products"--key, name and branding. 


You can buy everything but you cannot own everything. Is it only the three items that display over there are for sale or everything there you can buy?

The design focuses on blending the exhibited "products"into the backdrops. Following a 90-degree turn to the right, the linear circulation ends at the end of the exhibition. The simple routing within a sea of goods.

你可以购买一切,但你不能拥有一切。 是只有那三个展出的商品是商品,还是整个展览你都可以当作商品购买?

这个设计的重点是将展出的“产品”融入到背景中。 在向右转90度后,直线的路线设计伴随着整个展览结束而结束。 简单的路线突出设计带给人视觉的包围感。