Home of 2Co.

Dec 2020

A home is where we recognize, is where we can rebuild upon the recognition.

Started by looking into how household waste is generated and recycled by the decomposition of mycelium, this home model speculates on the potentials of the domestic environment to encompass a micro circular system to regenerate resources for the home.

Myco performs differently in different external conditions, and thus the different outcomes in the products. These materials can be consumed internally in the space as resources of building materials and alternative food ingredient for the meals of the human actor, Maco.

In this unit, Maco not only lives with Myco but she also studies and works with him to research their constantly changing home. A series of movement patterns has been observed as they gradually get used to each other’s presence and activities in the space.


In order to maintain a constant environment for Myco’s growth, Maco needs to monitor the conditions in the room promptly. Each room has their separate thermal and moisture control.


After Myco’s observation of the co-living pattern for quite a period, he started to deform the home. Different surfaces intersects and crossovers but reserving the livable space for Maco.

All of this actually has been a long time ago, and now with the previous framework broken, the home is no longer that of the familiar.


But home is where we recognize, is where we can rebuild upon the recognition.

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2020.12.09_ENDS 402 Review_Maple He_CC_P