06   /   2016

Meditation connects inner self to outside world. Embrace yourself in an enclosed but actually open space.


         Inspired by the light and calmness in the Finnish architectures during an excursion to Helsinki, Finland in April, 2016, I designed a meditation space with light and openness for students from my own academy. The location is in front of the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.

        I have been hugely impressed by the Kamppi Chapel of Silence situated in the city centre of Helsinki. However, once stepping into the chapel, the division between inside and outside is so dominant that it seems that the chapel is all by itself, totally isolated from where it is. This rendering of atmosphere has something to do with the high walls without a single straight corner and only skylight from the top shedding into the space. Besides, the choice of fine-polished wood also adds to the perception of the space. Nesting in a city, nests the peace and openness.

        在位于赫尔辛基市中心的Kamppi 教堂的经历令我印象深刻。 教堂虽然位于闹市,但是内部和外部之间的空间感却有着令人震撼的巨大差异。这种氛围之间的不同我认为与内部空间满布的曲线,和窗户只存在在视平线之上是有十分大的关系的。 此外,抛光处理的木材的应用也增加了空间的质感。我的设计”筑巢“在繁忙的海牙火车站对面,被新的商业区所包围,尽管如此我仍希望为一刹那可能的宁静提供栖身之所。