Formatted Utopia


Sept 2017 - Jan 2018

From the first impression presented by a video to an installation of a conceptual model guided by a map. To observe one of the robotic landscapes at your finger tip. 


        FORMATTED UTOPIA is a constructed fictional space that questions the man power of the highly intellectural and well planned harbour landscape of today. In a piece of land that huamn scale is eliminated, lies a well-thought plan of human perception. Although you will be tired of an endless highway that exactly ends at the horizon, every step you take, there is still a different but complete view of the harbour.

        In between the noisy reality and the pure configuration, the installation only reinterprets the panoramic experiences. When confronted with this space, picturing the actural landscape, how much is human in charge of their achievements?

        FORMATTED UTOPIA是一个基于模型重现“全景角度”——这种应用在现代人文工业景观设计上的技术所虚构的空间。作品通过引领人们按照指示图的步骤,从观看一条关于第一印象的短片,然后根据图示观察及体会模型所提供和设计的视角,希望人们能够对今天高度智能和精心策划的工业海港景观与人力资源的需求产生质疑。 在一片并不怎么需要“人”的土地上,人类却同时精心地考虑了每一个到达这片土地上的人对这一个空旷和辽无人烟的空间的视觉感知。 虽然你会厌倦一条在地平线上的无尽延申的高速公路,但你所移动的每一步,却在告诉你那里仍然有一个不同的代表着整个海港区建筑的景观。
        对比影片中呈现着的嘈杂的现实和只着重表现这片空间的建筑语言的模型之间,希望模型的简洁能够将这一有趣发人深思的现实对比呈现给大家。 当大家通过一系列的互动想象Maasvlakte实际的景象时,大家是否也曾思考我们到底在那些经济成就中到底应该领多少功?

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