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Pavilion Cube

06   /   2016

To confront the design concept with 3D printing, to confront the definition of a cube. A pavilion and a cube. 

        How can I make a cube personal, to represent my connection to it? How can I make a cube no longer be recognized as a cube?

        This cube pavilion  is in between rigidness and randomness in terms of the sharp exterior edges and smoothness inside.   

        Considering the limitation of the 3D printing technique, the printed pavilion and the programmed one stay as two separate designs, as they all have their own texture, which has a different impact on the perception of the space. 

         Standing at the park opposite to the Royal Academy of Art, the metal material becomes a huge contrast to the background, so does its organic form. The scale of the cube on site also challenge people’ s perception of cube.


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