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Route along 18 Entrances

06   /   2016

To read a space in a sequence. How small can a space be? A brochure mapping the story of 18 "spaces".

        Referred to Route along 18 Corners of Dutch artist Willem de Rooij(b.1969) and following a series of research into applying captions and mapping, the brochure containing 18 photographs of similar unnoticed spaces in the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague along with a map to show the routing.

         Focusing on the space between the public space and the space for a specific group of people and function, an entrance in an academy is also a boarder and the entire building exists with boundaries. This is clearly seen when the space is enlarged and the differences in materials are brought to the front. However, it is also a space made for connections and communications. It provides opportunities for dialogues and is there to hold separate rooms in a complex together.

        The shape of the brochure resembles the scroll painting. Also reading from top to the bottom is a tradition in Asia. However, in the brochure itself, as it extents, it follows the order of a series of entrances on the first floor at the KABK building.

        Together with other brochures mapping different stories happening at KABK, the brochure ROUTE ALONG 18 ENTRANCES is included in the book TAKING PLACE edited by Michaël Snitker.

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