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​Redesign of "Honeyhouse"

Feb - Apr 2018

With shades of light to sustain an intimate space in a splendid landscape.

IMG_20180329_170309 small.jpg

        The "Moor Honeyhouse" in Cashiers is a project by Marlon Blackwell Architects(1998). As part of the research project of looking into its technique to combine glass as part of its façade structure, I started to think of a design that might fully explore the beauty of integrating these two materials together to form a space. 

        After the re-studies of the landscape, the form of the house takes the form that adapts to the fluidity of this hilly area. 

        This change blurs the boundaries of the 4 façades from the original design, but another 4 undefined façades are shaped by the combination out of the different proportions of the two materials —  steel and glass. One to close up the structure and the other to open it up to the landscape and its scarce passers-by from the side.  Because of the differences of transparency, people that are in the space can move around to seek for the most private and comfortable corner. 

Landscape Studies small.jpg
Honey House small.jpg
Honey House2 small.jpg
Honey House2 small.jpg
Honey House2 small.jpg
Four shades of the façade
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