Pavilion Nocturne


Sept 2017 - Apr 2018

from the breeze
sweeping through the woods
reaching him in disguise
to hide among the green
to stand out in the dark



        Pavilion NOCTURNE is designed as a living organism inside the paradise of Moulin Jaune, the private property of the distinguished performer Slava Polunin, which stretches along a river bank.

        It responds to the characters in the landscape with the notes rebounding inside the bamboo stems and the light shedding on the plastic tubes. You walk in, as if slightly being engulfed by a living instrument, solely embraced by the unique notes from Moulin.

        In the night, it sheds off its disguise, with its façade lit up by every ray of light that passes by. It sublty keeps the song playing in the dark.
You look back at the Moulin with a special fragment of musical memory that connect you to the this piece of wonderland.

        Pavilion NOCTURNE是设计于小丑表演艺术家Slava Polunin 的沿着河岸延申的私人产业Moulin Jaune内的一个小型建筑作品。
        当夜晚降临,“夜曲”褪下了它白天隐匿于树林中的伪装,与竹子材料相互交替的玻璃外表面被每一缕光线照亮,随着落到Moulin的光的强弱而变化。 歌曲在黑夜中依然连绵奏响着。尽管你慢慢走远,离开Moulin,但总有一些特殊的音乐片段,将你一直连接到这片土地。它是关于那里的一切奇妙与不可思议的声音的记忆。