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Space of Margin:

The Forming of 'Eddy' Spaces

Feb - Jul 2019

Graduation Project

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

The Netherlands

"It is ‘my space’ that no one can see you and
you see everyone."

He, Xiaofeng (Maple)_EDV9743 smaller.jpg

‘My corner’ and ‘my space’ are how we recall our spatial and bodily relationships with schools besides the timetables.


School as a spatial system is consisting of shared, yet divided spaces. Often, having to leave the classroom during breaks, students claim their corners at corridors and the main halls where the sense of intimacy and territory start to grow.


The 15 illustrations present the morphological potentials of the margin of shared spaces, where ‘my corner’ is discovered and improvised along the flows like an eddy. The module prototype is a device to analyze the capacity of the ‘margin’ to influence the flows and the spatial frameworks of the architecture.


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2D Visuals 100x100cm hanging 2019.06.25
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