Wooden Cabin


12   /   2015

A cabin designed for single life focusing the relation between volume, connection and space.

为单身生活设计的位于海牙森林的木屋。 这个设计聚焦在探究空间的体积和连接与空间本身的关系。

Volume is the basic unit to create space. Among separate volume of space, additional spaces like stairs, doors and windows are added. These extra spaces connect the interior and exterior of a volume of space. In the end, they have to be reorganized if human move in. This is the design process I was researching.

Designing the wooden cabin started from the composition of volumes and later was introduced with the possible human activities to fit in single life. From closed and separate boxes to  open and intersected space. 

        一个空间的体积是人对空间的物理感知。楼梯,门和窗户等额外空间连接了这些具有不同体积的空间。 这些额外的空间又将一个空间的内部和外部连接起来。 最后,为了适应人类居住活动,这些元素又被再次调整。这是我认为该如何探究设计人类居住环境的一个基本流程。